Started in 2007
around our house on proximally 15.000 sq. meters of land
In Baan Phru Thong 20 km north of Chiang Rai close to the famous “golden Triangle”

We have two restaurants and a Deli shop in the city of Chiang Rai
because of the limited amount of quality raw products the idea arises to start our own Farm

During 2008 we studied the possibilities and bought our first animals
soon it was clear that we would going to work the “Natural” way
Permaculture principles, a organic approach and aquaponics soon joined our interest
and this all should be done on an environmental friendly way

Our farm got its foundation and the word FRIENDLY cached our eye
Thats what it should be : “ a FRIENDLY FARM"
friendly to people
to animals
to the environment
to Nature in general

In March 2010 we bought 80 acre of prime agriculture land
6 kilometers from our house
beautiful situated against the beginning of Mae Chan Mountains
enclosed by teak forest and wilderness.