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The term permaculture, meaning "permanent agriculture" was coined in the 1970's by Australian Bill Mollison:
Permaculture is a beneficial assembly of plants and animals in relation to human settlement.
Permaculture, is a design system that encompasses both "permanent agriculture" and "permanent culture."
It recognizes, first, that all living systems are organized around energy flows.
It teaches people to analyze existing energy flows (sun, rain, money, human energy) through such a system (a garden, a household, a business).
Then it teaches them to position and interconnect all the elements in the system (whether existing or desired)
in beneficial relationship to each other and to those energy flows.
When correctly designed such a system will, like a natural ecosystem, become increasingly diverse and self-sustaining.
All permaculture design is based on three ethics: Care of the earth ; care of the people; and reinvest all surplus.
crucial to permaculture design, everything in the system is innerconnected to everything else.
This is vital, because the susceptibility and output of a system depend not on the number of elements it contains,
but rather how many exchanges take place within the system
We, at Friendly Farm, are using Permaculture principles around the pastures and fields, these so called: "food forests" serve multiple purpose ,
fruit, crops,vegetables and fodder as food ,Weather protection, for the crops on the fields and for animals on the pasture,
soil enrichment, and by that food for the crops.