Organic farming refers to ecologically-based production systems
used to produce food and fiber.
Organic farming can be defined by the proactive,
ecological management strategies that maintain and enhance soil fertility,
prevent soil erosion, promote and enhance biological diversity,
and minimize risk to human and animal health and natural resources.
We like to go far in the organic approach but ................
with our animals it is possible that we not follow the organic "rules"
if one of our animals really needs medication which is not allowed we give it ,
we think it is "friendlier" than to let the animal suffer.

nov 2012
Ohhh....... this is going well
the sun-hemp as green manure ,cut and drop, compost tea and
our deep litter systems brings us on the track of success full organic farming
finely we had good harvest of corn and sorghum
also our raised wicking beds for the vegetables is a success