the Story

oct/nov 2012

Yes, we have don about 80 rai (80x1600m2) of rice planting
about 6 rai of soy beans and 10 rai of corn
a lot of work I can tell you
even with a rice plant machine
we see that there is to much weed between the rice plants
so next season we have to adjust some things
like not to deep plowing
and better water management
we changed a lot of the small paddies into bigger ,better workable pieces
And next season I want Ducks as "weeders" in the paddy fields.
we go full for the "Peking" ducks , all the other ducks go out

also with the pork the decision is made
we focus on the "Duroc" pig
The best for our free range system and climate.

The first 50% lowline Angus is born, and guess what : "It is white" !!!
I called the alarm bells when I saw it , how possible ??
but now I see , it has a different head and the composition is also different , smaller

It's dry now so a lot of building activities can be realized
we started with a new chicken coop
well actually it is a multi function coop
with some small alterations we can house pork, calf, goat, sheep or foal in these structures
the first one is ready, we wait a little to see if there is some "fine tuning" needed

Also we started with fencing the area
a hell of a job but unfortunately necessary
the first hundreds of meters are done
many more to go

Our farm is teeming with birdlife
amazing how much more birds there are compared to when we started
and it is not even really safe I burned two bird-nets this year
even with a NOT ALLOWED sign some people still have to practice this cruelty
slowly my staff is getting aware of the beauty of what we are doing and I am happy about this
not all appreciate it but they leave most of the time quickly

So far our biggest success in the organic farming is the deep litter systems
they deliver loads of great fertilizer, the animals like it , soft on there hooves
good to sleep , no flies ,no smell, and happy chickens, who find some critters crawling around in the litter/compost.

the raised wicking beds
it works great , beautiful moist compost ,and no pain in your back working around there
the staff have to get used to this strange style of growing vegetables , but they get the point
control , if the compost is to acid we add some wood ashes to compensate, so we have the good PH
after a crop/bed the chicken coop goes on and in 2 or 3 days it is clean, turned around and fertilized by these workers
sensitive vegies get a 30, 50 or 70 sunscreen/roofing
in short, it has a lot of pro's and little cons .

All of a sudden the pre work, of the horses I like to have to have, start to work
and as I see it now we have our first horses arriving this month
so some "in between work" has to be done
stable ,pasture fencing, and round penn have to be made on short notice
we first have them near our house ( like all the new animals)
later they move to the farm ,when the manege start to get in workable shape