the Story

the Start

Well ,we are on the way with our farm
the last months we have been busy
building a barn for the machinery and staff housing ,
at the moment we are building a rice storage silo and a new stable for the cattle
in the first day’s of December our rice is ready and will be harvested ,it looks great !
we will get 12.500 / 15.000 kg of rice this year when this is cleaned and polished we will have 7 / 8000 kg white rice
We moved the cattle and the goats to the farm and “wouw” how they enjoy their new area
especially the goats ,in the north we have some large rocks in the landscape they love to
climb them, we have goat kids and what a fun they are, absolutely adorable ,if you have bad mood look to goat kids for a few minutes and your a happy person again.

The last months I’ve met a lot of interesting people ,all related to the farm
some permaculture people some organic farmers ,rice farmers and so on and on
we get lots of info from these people, very interesting ,I have to keep changing small bits of my original plan, Its getting better and better.

Another thing what I did the last months is observing
we had a very wet rainy season and a lot of (small) problem area’s I learned to know on my daily strolls around the property
all about the water what comes down from from the sky and the mountain slope
we can use the coming month’s to solve them
we have to catch and control the water so we can produce the year round
so we going to create pounds, to catch the water from the mountain slopes, on the higher elevations and use gravity to bring it to the fields where we want to have it.