the Story


good progress at the farm

we had a good rice harvest, the yield per rai (1600m2) was higher than the year before
so we are on the good track with our organic way of fertilizing .

photo-68 ..... photo-67
................................Rice Harvest 2011

a lot of new crops we are trying out like soy bean, barley, millet,sorghum,oats,rye,wheat but also cassava and “man kauw” an other kind of tuber
photo-79..... photo-83
....................flower of "Man kauw" ......................................................Cassave field, just planted.

we are working on raised wicking beds for vegetables and fruits
a interesting principle which saves a lot of water and gives high yields
if you want to know more about wicking beds klick this link

we regained about 10.000m2 land it turned into swamp during the years of neglect
after making a drain ,creating some ponds, with a land area in the middle which is going to be our duck Walhalla
and fill up the lower places we could regain this land from the swamp
it’s still not finished we can still win an other 3000m2

. ponds out off a swamp area........................................with little dykes for the different water levels

..................the very beginning .............................................. the 3 ponds from a distance

Grass ; we sowed and planted grass which we need for the cattle in the rainy season
Purple guinea , ruzi an bana grass the last grass can become over 5 meters tall and under the right conditions can grow more than 10 cm per day !
maybe there is coming one more grass and that is “Pangola grass” this grows well on paddy fields, it loves water , but its difficult to become so we have a look

the animals
the first to cow’s are inseminated by “Caesar” a 760 kg lowline angus bull
we had one calf born and two goat-kids, loads of moskovy ducks and some piglets
sheep; which we ordered at a governmental agriculture research farm are not responding one of the people told Aye that he would give her telephone numbers of farmers who like to sell them , but also that turned out to be a dr
a shame there they would fit very well in our setup

we made a nice progress in our roads, improved old neglect roads and made new connecting roads to our main activities and working places

end off this month I go to Khon Kaen there is a big agriculture fair
and they do also exhibit items,crops and working methods off the beaten track ,for instance rabbits and pigeons
and from the beginning on they are on my list of animals we want to work with
I’m looking forward to this trip

water: if you do not have it ,forget your farm
but we do have some to much
no!!! it is not good managed so after 2 years looking what is happening I decided that we are going to put pipes through the length of our land , with every 30/40 meters a point where you can take water and at the end of the pipeline a generator where we can generate electricity
we will make 2 or maybe 3 of those pipelines through the length of our land
this way we will have a very manageable water supply in the dry and cold season in the rainy season it does not matter so much but at the end of the line we still generate electricity !

we bought our rice plant machine
actually we should go now at this moment for the second rice harvest and of more importance,
training with the machine and planting mats
so when the rain’s are coming we are prepared trained and skilled
but to be honest I do not know if we manage to do this
we have so much work at the moment with our 5 staff , I do not know if we can do.

Long build a trailer
I thought to be a smart a... ,and want to have a kipper as well
I did not know the three point hitch on a tractor is only upwards force
so with the first try out my plan collapsed, the whole ting was standing up and would not come down on the three point hitch.
it’s a big setback for me in means of roads, and applying manure and compost to our fields
we have a look if if we can find a solution for this

photo-65 Long welding on the trailer

well I think I am going to finnish this update
untill the next
friendly greetings from FRIENDLY FARM