the Story

january 2011

The rice is in, and we learned a lot from it
How labour intensive it is, what the costs are and what we can expect in terms of quantity / quality .our silo is ready but we were just to late so the first harvest is stored in big bags.

At the moment we are working on our first food-forest and that is progressing well .
preparations are made for a new straw and cow stall which will also be a compost maker.
and it looks like next week we going to make three dyke’s to create 3 ponds
so for the moment we have activities enough.

likely our team is going to be extended with another 2 people next week
and that is a good thing because we get a job in between, we have to cut down a lichee orchard ,fire wood for the pizzeria

The bad news is the poultry
we can not buy young chicks, CP (a big Thai company in
Chicken and Pork) is controlling the market after the bird flew and creating a monopoly position with help of the authorities.
you only can buy if you buy there food and medication and system!!!
you even need a training program and a certificate from them and on top of it there vet is going to control all of this. big brother?? no way we are going to do this .
so we have to start from scratch, buy here and there some adult chicken and so on
takes some time but we will get there.
first make a “egg mobile” that is a moveable chicken house ,so we can give the chicken every 3/4 day’s a new patch of grass land, in the (near) future they will follow the cattle so they can scratch up, and spread the manure patches left by the cow’s.

coming week Spot and Apple get a visit from the Duroc boar so than we have 7 sow pregnant , the two big black sow’s don’t come on heat ,I’ll try to move them to the forest in the farm and leaf them there with the black boar and have a look , if that also does not work they become sausage and pork chops .

I had my first experience with “cob” building , mud building and unbelievable our clay becomes like concrete so hard ! that is good news , there with this quality clay we are planning to build some accommodation a class room a event building and so on
the first cob building however will be a staff house after that we decide if we go on with cob