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end of the rainy season

We learned a lot the last month’s
it is a very wet rainy season ,really very wet and long
The cattle is doing a lot if damage to the pasture land with their hooves ,it is so soaked and become so soft that the grasses are pushed in the mud and die , and the pasture land is covered with 20,30 and sometimes 40 cm deep holes, filled with rain water, from their hooves ,so next rainy season we have to change our "free range policy" a bit , when the land becomes to wet the cattle stays in the stable and we bring the grass to the cattle

We had a visit from the manager from KTP ranch , they own two low-line angus bulls
and all our cows are going to be artificialy inseminated by these bulls semen.
low-line angus is an Australian race coming from the Scottish Aberdeen Angus and famous for the quality meat ,
I choose for Low-line Angus because of this quality but also because they are very docile, good mothers who easy give birth and they are very food efficient .
250px-Lowline_bull Low-line bull 110 cm high and over 600 KG

The farm was almost unreachable because of the rains and floods
so we cleaned the stream and made the entrance road a meter higher
when I cleaned the stream I noticed how much sand was carried by the stream
so we made an area in the stream wider and deeper where the sand settles down
and created with that our own sand winning spot, great for construction.

We learned that the egg mobile is to big ,problems with wind and more difficult to handle than I expected , so we are going to remodel it in a smaller one

The pig production (quantity) is disappointing until now so I’m going to pay more attention to that the coming period the same counts for the vegetables.
One of the first things is making raised beds , so we can work standing up!
much better for my back, but also: better control of the soil, the needs of the plants and easier to clean and work , looking forward to this.

The rice is doing great, looking good and healthy
Planting by hand is very likely over

Pasted Graphic 1

we planning to buy a planter machine

al in al The rainy season was not very productive in produce but in knowledge
we rolling now into the cold season ( day 25℃ , night 10℃) with 10 hours daylight
this is the time for construction
raised beds
deep litter stables
water channels