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Ferbr/march 2011

A lot of changes again
we build a dam / dyke and with this we created a lake
pipes are in for hydro energy and irrigation
a unbelievable 1600 trucks with earth we moved
when full it will have a surface of about 2500
and will be between 3 to 6 meter deep.
At the moment we are planting special long root grass on the sides of the dam to prevent erosion ,this can grow for 2-3 months before the big rains are coming.

Because our first water reservoir became much bigger than original planned we can wait a little with the other two ,I still like to see that they are finished before the rainy season.

During the digging ,with an excavator, we found a lot of old big and some beautiful wood stumps ,some of the we can use perfectly in our planned buildings.

CIMG2800 ............... CIMG2829

Pasted Graphic 1

We were lucky to buy an old rice mill and polish machine
one with all the long belts, when it works everything is shaking and vibrating , puffing and coughing , taking in and spitting out !! Fantastic !
at the moment it is taken apart and hopefully next week it will be build up again
we have to replace some 10% of the whole
next to that some paint and grease and Friendly Farm is happy

WL004006................Pasted Graphic 3

We bouht 50 egglayers at the slaughter house
changing their feathers at the moment so little eggs,
but soon they are laying again and their eggs are going (a part at least) in a incubator witch I am building at the moment
The egg mobile (chicken house on wheels) is ready for the ladies ,waiting is for the finishing of the fencing with two electric wires against predators, mainly dogs .
so organic free range eggs are on the way Happy

The eggmobile during the paint job and in use , looks like the ladies like it.

a start is made with new irrigation channels and a new road through our property
at the same time we are making the fields / pastures about 1 acre big (4000 )
and new areas’ for food forest are created during this work


The last day's of February 19 piglets born
this mother has 10 piglets, born last night 26/27 Feb
3 red and 7 black

I'll keep you informed about the progress