the Story

photo-16 new chanels CIMG2934

we started with the new waterway’s bigger fields and a new road ,as I told you, but could not finnish the job because of the early rains this year.
most of the pigs we moved from our house to the farm , when we want to pick up the last few of them we had some problems ,we could not get them in the car
what we tried ,with food with treats ,nothing worked
we decided to give it the next day another try , and during that night two of the pigs became sick ,and after that al the remaining pigs became sick
one worse than the other, but all sick
so they are still around my house until I am sure they are 100% again.
the lake became beautiful and we have some wild Thai ducks inside
anyhow we see the wildlife returning; we see the Thai parrot and a eagle flying around and I have spotted the monitor lizard twice ,and a kind of martyr ,big caterpillars and Rhino beetle larvae in the waiting compost bags
and recently a big headed turtle a rare animal from the times of the dinosaur
a lot of birds are returning but I have to learn their ID
photo-36 Big headed turtle photo-33
photo-46 a giant carterpillar photo-45

Corn is a frustrating crop so far ,everything goes well until they are just under a meter
and than everything stops!! no more growth some development of (miserable) corn heads , but no its not the way it should be
we got 50 KG of sun-hemp seeds from the “Thai department off soil improvement” as green manure

photo-12 flowering sunhemp

we found a address for bat shit as a organic fertilizer , we used compost tea , watered with diluted cow urine ,nothing jet to battle this problem.
what we did do with success is Banana trees ,the long john’s and a special bamboo with superior quality bamboo shoots but also quality timber , all, or most of the Thai herbs ,sunflowers,asparagus,drumstick tree,oregano, and much much more
we making some big compost heaps and producing loads of manure

photo-38 Blue Mushrooms, we send pic's to Leiden to identify this species

we had some bad luck with the egg laying chickens , some stray dogs found a way to kill 16 and wounded an other 8 chickens, the remaining hens were so shocked that they did not lay a egg for almost a month !

CIMG2947 the egg mobile with in the front some piglets


Pine apples: thousands of them and delicious, so sweet; yummy
a little to much so we use the over ripe ones in our new way of producing pig food
we ferment banana stems with molasses and salt to make a food with a higher protein content, so sometimes we use ripe pine apples instead of molasses ,and in works great , the pigs love it.

everyday Aso is taking our goats out for a walk in the woods
recently we slaughtered again two young bucks ,and.... beautiful meat , where I am very pleased with is the fact that they did not have any parasite , worm, or whatever
every body who I spoke to, in relation with goats, told me parasites are the biggest problem and told me to deworm at least every 3 month’s , well it looks our goats find there own medicine , because completely clean and healthy!! chapeau for Aso.