the Story

begin rainy season 2012

one of our main man moved to the back of the land
and with him , in time, the animals , first the ducks and they love their “Duck Walhalla” photo-98
at night save in their night enclosure waiting for the rising sun , their morning bath and breakfast
the cattle in their new deep litter stable, mmmmm.... they had to get used to their new environment but now they appreciate their new home with soft “mattress”
The chicken
“Leghorn” bought from the Kon Khean university ,one of the best egglayers have their home in the cattle stable ,the moment the cattle is on the pasture the leghorns go out their enclosure to scratch and search for grubs , critters and other chicken delicacies
We were lucky enough to lay our hand on “Poulle de Bresse” although we can not call them like that because this is a with a AOC protected name an other name is “gouloise”but that is so cigarette like so I opt for the third name “RWB” or red white and blue

Poulle de Bresse or RWB’s
red comb ,white feathers and blue legs , it produces the highest quality chicken meat available on this planet, well their new home is being build right now
their home is coming in the center of an almost 2 acre piece of land which is divided in 3 parts they can feed on one part for 4 weeks before being moved to the next.
and we have “Rhode island reds” a dual purpose bird, good egglayers and the roosters make good table birds, they are still small so they are in the teenager area ,near the food shed .
and the last ,more an experiment , “Betong” a Chinese big but tasty chicken , a new bird which is getting more and more popular ,we have 3 roosters and 12 hens to try out,
it's a funny bird because after 6,7 weeks they show their first feathers!! before close to naked ,it really looks like a cartoon
so as you can read our chicken problem ,or better not having chicken problem is solved

problematic now is our incubator
the first batch was spoiled by a power failure while we where working in town
the second batch was spoiled by a 44℃ heat wave
our third batch ? we have to wait for an other week to find out
mostly RWB eggs inside and some quail eggs

we bought 3 sheep or better lambs , Naomi bottle feed two of them for one month, hybrid Dorper sheep it are, or should be ,
I find them very small ,and to little grown for the month we have them. we’ll have a look

Finally are all the pigs from home to the farm , and also at the end of the land near Ali’s new house ,that is the area where the delivery quarters for the sows are coming , but that is a building job for next year’s dry season, now they resides in the mobile shelters.

news from the wild life front
Binturongs or asian bearcat is seen twice by my staff at the same spot
at the most dry period the binturong came down the mountain to drink in one of the ponds.
an other returning visitor is the Lesser whistling duck ,at the moment they are swimming with 6 or 7 ducklings in our reservoir

whistling Duck
images 220px-Lesswhistlingduck1

and an other visitor was a Net Python of about 2.5 meter
he or she came to steal a chicken but get trapped by the temporary netting around the birds, it took us more than half a hour to get it out and set it ,unharmed, free again.

photo-107 photo-108

we had also some serious set backs
our new stable is at the end of a 40/45 meter high hill slope
we build a wall last year to have a look how it will hold with the rains
well it was still there and in good condition
this year we rendered it for extra strength and finished the stable
the first big rain this year and about 25 meter wall collapsed by the force off water and mud , happily on the animal side ,only one goat had a scratch on its nose
but the material damage is big.

an other set back is a strange eye disease with the Rhode Island red chicks
one eye ( only one) is getting infected and ,if it survives , loses the eye
they do not respond on anti biotic s ,very strange and nasty.

we have great success with the man keaw or sweet potato’s
the leaves of the sweet potato are loved by all animals and they grow like crazy
so we cut half of the leaves and feed them to the animals and within 2 weeks its all back
we do this row by row and one row brings over a 100 kg of leaves
it does not seem to harm the sweet potato. still great harvest of the root-bulbs

we start now on the rice plant
we want to do over a 100 rai this year ,our full potential of riceland .
keep you informed about this

Near Chumpon, in the south, we bought a 100% Boer buck (goat)
it was to small for transport when we bought it , half june I am going to pick it up
and after that we are going to, step by step, replace the Anglo nubian goats for Boer goats
also a new Saahnen goat buck is coming , our Mr de Bok is getting old and we need some new blood to keep them strong.
I picked it up already, oh man he is a beauty

our new Boer buck “Boertje”Pasted Graphic 8

photo-110 and again a beautiful mushroom this time full orange

a wild fragrant orchid on a young teak tree photo-100