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Appaloosa stables
With all that beautiful land we have and our daughter Naomi's passion Horse back riding
we bought in November 2012 our first horses
In the years Naomi had horse riding lessons we saw the limited knowledge and
,some times, the poor conditions in which horses are kept.
so we are planning to combine some "horse matters"
We are building on a horse riding school, where people also can learn how to take care of a horse
what a horse needs are ,how to clean ,how to feed, but also how to (ground) train a horse ,
teach about saddles , bridles ,and so on
next to that we are setting up a breeding program in good, sound and safe horses
So ideal would be :
A person buys a young horse
we educate the person and with the person train the horse
so after X time the person goes home with a good healthy and well trained horse
the knowledge how to take care and with that enjoyment for the years to come.

IMG_5174 Storm and Doc

At Appaloosa stables
Our horses are living in a herd and outside on a paddock paradise
they have shelter if they need or wants it
We like to work with out force, we want willing horses who are happy to work for you
if possible no iron , that is: no horse shoes, no spur's , no bit
work with out punishment and whip's
we like to work with : pressure and release
and with rewards , a soft scratch , kind words or sometimes a food reward.
we use Parelli and Linda Scot methodes

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